Brief Introduction of BONNI Translation

Xi’an BONNI Translation Co. Ltd (abbreviated as BONNI Translation) was established in 2000 and BONNI (Beijing) Translation Co. Ltd was set up in 2008. It is a large translation company rendering service of oral translation, written translation, simultaneous interpretation and simultaneous interpretation equipment lease. It has a professional translation team which encompasses talented professors of translation, translators and editors. It has simultaneous interpreters with national level A accreditation, professors and associate professors of translation with national accreditation, expatriate translation professionals excelling in Chinese and thousands of translators who are experts in technical majors as well as foreign languages. It supplies translation in more than 50 languages such as English, German, French, Japanese and Russian. It supplies translation for all walks of life including machinery, electronics, automobiles, computer science, networks, aviation, telecommunication, medical science, medical equipment, etc. Its translation service spreads to all over the country even to some regions in the rest of the world. We always follow the service philosophy of “BONNI—help you communicate with the world” and the guideline of “quality is the life to a company”. It keeps to the translation criteria of “faithfulness, expressiveness and elegance”. It has long-term cooperation with clients from places like Beijing, Shanghai and Shandong, and with its talented translation team and rapid high quality translation service, it has been widely acknowledged excellent. With efforts of its team, it was conferred by the Organization Committee of China’s Market Brand Strategy with the title of “Top Ten Translation Brand in China”. In 2007, it became a “Member Company of Xi’an Translation Association”. With nearly ten years’ development of market and translation, it has approached closer to its target of becoming a national first-class large modern and professional translation company.

BONNI Translation spends much on its equipment. Besides a talented high quality translation team, it has a complete set of modern sophisticated equipment to help the team better complete translation tasks. It has a complete set of BOSCH simultaneous interpretation equipment which encompasses a sender machine, central controller, interpretation machine, radiant panel, interpretation room, receiver and earphones. With these, it provides better quality service. And it has a large newly-decorated office with local network and 3M internet, over twenty high speed computers, a set of OA management system, two printers, two scanners, one photo copier, three binding machines, three CD burners, several portable hard disks, over twenty technical vocabulary books and more than 200 all sorts of dictionaries and some professional software for data processing. To facilitate communication with clients, it is equipped with five service telephones and a vehicle used for customer service.

BONNI Translation has human oriented management. It uses OA management system, which is a modern scientific management system, by which departments are clearly divided in work and have close cooperation at the same time to form strong competitiveness. It provides the staff with comfortable yet strict, scientific and normalized working surroundings and active and eager for learning atmosphere to help improve themselves. They respect each other and learn from each other, which helps improve their capacity of translation, typeset and technical majors. Irregular translation and technical knowledge lectures are often given to them to improve their abilities. They receive good deserved welfare on their own will and regard the company as their second “warm home”.

BONNI Translation regards quality as the life of a company. It has a complete set of quality assurance system in the whole process of translation, proofreading and typeset, it always strictly implements ISO9001 quality assurance system and department manager and project manager responsibility system and gives the staff with regular quality consciousness education. It formulates strict internal self and mutual quality check-up and translation review regulations and sets final proofreading regulation at the step of typeset to ensure high quality, professionalism, accuracy and timeliness of translation service. For large projects, it will take special action that the general manager will organize and lead the project team by himself to ensure the task is completed with high quality on schedule. It also has a translation works review team which is composed of professors and associate professors of translation with national level accreditation and expatriate translation experts excelling in Chinese. Before translation, they will make a professional and systematic analysis of the materials from clients and bring forth translation instructions. After translation and typesetting, they will have a final review of the translation works. After reviewed and approved, the translation works can then be submitted to clients.

BONNI Translation regards demands of clients as what it pursues and regards satisfaction of clients as its most satisfaction. It has a customer service department, which is in charge of business contact and follow-up service to clients. It has established a good new model cooperation relationship with clients. In the mutual cooperation, it attaches importance to client interests and regards clients as its strategic cooperation partners and tries its best to meet their needs. It learns from clients modestly in translation and listens to their opinions and advices eagerly so as to improve its service quality. It will make clients satisfied whenever they come or leave.

BONNI Translation has been developing for more than ten years and has been ranged among “Top Ten Brands of China’s Translation Industry”. It will follow the Outlook of Scientific Development and make full use of its brand effect. To have better and bigger development, it will continue its development and innovation and expand market at home and abroad to seek more and bigger opportunities and strategic partners. It will be a large national even international first class modern professional translation company rendering service in multi languages and multi technical fields.

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